Alternative Energy

Types of Alternative Energy Production

For the home alternative energy enthusiast, there is really only three viable ways of creating alternative energy to power your personal needs(off grid electrical energy).

And these are, gasoline powered generator, wind, and solar.

So why mess with alternative energy as a consumer?

The power you get now from your home electrical socket is power by what's called the grid. It's an extremely complex setup. Trillions have been spent on research and development in the design of the current day power plant and distribution system.

To the layman it looks like just a bunch of wires bringing power to all the homes in the area, but did you know that every time you turn something on it changes the whole system. Now all the power has to be rebalanced to include what you just turned on along with what everyone else is using. Lets just say the trillions spent on the grid was well spent and deals with an array of constantly changing situations.

If a disaster hits, and there have been many times where people have been days and even weeks with no electrical power. Your freezer is full and you don't want to lose all that great meat if the power system goes down. Or being at the mercy of the power companies just makes you feel imprisoned.

But what ever the reason power Independence is obtainable and viable. The cost is going down everyday and with solar the sun comes up everyday. Even on the cloudiest days you can produce the electrical energy you will to live comfortable.

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