Generating Electrical Power

Generating Your Own Electrical Power

Generating electrical power at home is becoming an ever prudent move as costs for energy continue to rise. Solar Energy is becoming a time proven method for producing electrical energy for the individual home owner. Many people are even opting to go off grid although batteries continue to be the major cost when going off grid.

We will go through creating your own solar power plant from start to finish.

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Solar Energy DIY

Types of Home power Generation

Gasoline Power Generator

One type of power generation that is most often used in emergencies is the gasoline power generator. But the consumer version that is sold to the public is not designed to be a main source of power for long periods of time.

Consumer gasoline generators just don't hold up, they make a lot of noise, and the fumes are a great concern if used inside.

They are not very efficient and gasoline is a major cost, effectively destroying any saving you would hope to gain.

Wind Electrical Power Generation

Another type of home electrical power generation is using wind to create electrical power, but these systems also fall short. They can be dangerous, your dealing with spinning blades high up on towers which can malfunction or the tower could fall in bad weather.

Vary few places have a constant wind source, and at night wind normally takes a nose dive in most places and there is no guarantee that even in the day time there will be enough wind to even turn the blades never mind creating enough voltage to charge your batteries.

Solar Electrical Power Generation

Solar electrical power generation is a time proven process that is getting better and more affordable everyday.

With solar panels there is very little worry that your system is producing enough voltage to charge your batteries because even with very little light your panels will produce the voltage needed to charge your batteries.

Even on the darkest days your solar panels will produce some usable energy. With the price of solar panels rapidly going down you are able to obtain extra panels to compensate for cloudy days, unlike wind the sun does come up everyday.

Solar Electrical Power Generation wins hands down for the small time on/off grid individual that wants power freedom.

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