How to Install Your Solar Panels Electrically

Solar Panel Power System Install

Installing a solar panel power station is very easy. There are just a few steps you need to know. First read the information on the solar panels. The information you will require is the maximum wattage, voltage, and amps or amperes.

A solar power system will require solar panels, voltage regulator, and batteries. The most common systems are 12 and 24 volt systems. The voltage regulator needs to be rated above the maximum voltage and current(amps) of the combined solar panels. The batteries will need to be deep cycle and when combined have the capacity to provide the amp hours needed for your situation.

For both wind and solar systems, batteries need to be connected
to regulate the voltage. A typical 12 solar panel may produce in excess of 22 volts.
The load of your batteries when connected to your Solar Panels will bring that down
to around 12 to 14 volts. 10 to 14 volts are with in the range that most 12 volt
products, such as your inverter or radio, have been designed to tolerate. Working with
less than 10 volts or more than 14 volts may cause damage to your product.

How to Electrically Install your Solar Panels

Each solar panel will be wired to each other in parallel if you have more then one. When you wire in parallel the amps(current) from each panel will add to the total sum of current, but the total voltage stays the same. The voltage must match the rest of your system. For example, if your are using 12 volt solar panels you must be using 12 volt batteries and voltage regulator. Voltage regulator must be rated above maximum voltage and current(amps).

Connect the output from the solar panels to a properly rated regulator, solar panel voltage regulators are rated by maximum voltage and amps, that will shut off the current flow to the batteries once the batteries are sufficiently charged there by preventing damage to the batteries.

The way that you figure the rating needed for the regulator is by adding the maximum amps for each solar panel, this should be listed on the solar panel, and if they are 12 volt panels and they are connected in parallel then max voltage should be around 22 volts. It's the amperes that is most importance when choosing a regulator. For example, a 50 watt 12 volt solar panel will give you around 3.5 amps max output, your voltage regulator needs to be at least rated above this value. Any less and your going to cook the regulator and possible damage your batteries.

Solar panels are very sturdy, it's hard to damage them electrically. On the other hand it's very easy to damage the regulator and batteries. Batteries can explode if connected wrong, so be carefully when working with batteries. Positive to positive and negative to negative.

Below is an image of how to connect your solar power station.

Image of how to wire your solar panel system including batteries and charge controller.

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