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Solar power is one of the cleanest and stable means of producing electrical power. There are only a few draw backs to running your home on solar power. One is the high cost of solar panels. With the world going green and governments and Wall Street actively getting in the green game the cost of materials to construct a viable solar power system has gone insane.

If the consumer should find a way to afford a viable solar power system soon governments of the world will find a way to tax the free power from the sun. But lets go anyway and see what's involved with a solar power system.

Building a Viable Solar Power Station.

The first thing of importance concerning solar power and which gives it an advantage over wind power is that the voltage is designed into the solar panels. Even on a cloudy day your batteries will receive at least a little charging. If the voltage drops below the rated voltage of the batteries they will not charge. Also they can be secured in a manner that is not dangerous. A wind tower is always a risk no matter how secure it seems to be.

The unit of measurement used to calculate the amount of electricity to power your home is called a Watt. With wind the output of your wind generator is always changing with the speed of the wind, your voltage and current is always changing. Watts are calculated by multiplying the voltage by the amps(the unit of measurement for current). If the wind drops below a certain point you will no longer be producing enough voltage to charge your batteries. With solar panels the wattage is a lot more predictable. solar panels are designed to put out a certain amount of voltage at a wide range of lighting situations. If it's a cloudy day the voltage will stay about the same so your batteries will charge regardless of how much sun there is, to a point. Your current will change directly with the amount of sun light there is, which will effect how long it takes to charge your batteries, but your batteries will continue to charge.

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